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The Crozat Family Foundation was founded with a very specific idea in mind…to love fellow man. In the picture above you will see two people who have just met and you would never know by looking at them how much love they harbor within their hearts on a day to day basis. The man on the right is a member of our community who volunteers every chance he gets, took care of his ill and dying parents until their final breaths, and who also takes cares of his mentally ill son. The woman on the left heard about his situation, she read his story and about all they ways he loves the people in his community. She heard about his own personal sacrifices that lead him to where he is now. After hearing his story of love and sacrifice for those he held dear she wanted to help him, she wanted him to feel loved. So she gave him a car! With this car he will be able to get back to work, further help his son, and continue with all of his good deeds in Sonoma County.  If this story has touched or inspired you please donate today.

Visit our website where you can read more about families and individuals who have received help from the Crozat Family Foundation and join us in making a difference and loving our fellow man.