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Michelle’s New Chevy Sonic

Michelle is a single mom of one, who lost their home and vehicle in the 2017 Wild Fires. She was denied any help form FEMA, Michelle works at a local preschool as an onsite sub. When the fires first occurred, she was staying with friends in various places ranging from Sebastopol to Bennet Valley. After losing their home and without a car it was very difficult for Michelle to get her and her 11-year-old son to all of the places they need to be.

Michelle was financing a vehicle when the fires hit. So much like many others, the insurance paid off the rest of the loan and Michelle had no money left to purchase another much-needed vehicle. She also did not have renter’s insurance because she was living /renting form family. We are so thankful to Allstate insurance for donating this beautiful 2015 Chevy Sonic and a huge shout out to G&C Auto Body who was able to complete the refurbishment and sponsor this family for six months of full coverage insurance through Allstate, and six months of help with Safeway and gas cards.

Since receiving her car, Michelle has been able to secure housing for her and her son, along with maintaining her employment and ensuring her son can get to his regular appointments. Thank you so much to Allstate Insurance for donating this beautiful 2015 Chevy Sonic! Lehr Insurance Agency, Inc.: Allstate Insurance