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Sherri Reclaims Her Path

Sherri is a single mom of two daughters who both live at home and are financially dependent on her. Additionally, the eldest daughter has a son who also resides with them. Sherri works part-time as a registered dental assistant in San Rafael, earning $27 an hour. Initially, she worked from Monday to Wednesday, but her schedule has been expanded to include Fridays as well, which has contributed to an increase in her income. Sherri and her family reside in Petaluma and commute to San Rafael by bus. From there, she walks to work and repeats the same process when she finishes her shift. Mondays are particularly challenging for her because she often has to stay late at work due to procedures running behind schedule. Consequently, she sometimes misses the bus back home from San Rafael and has to wait for over an hour until the next one arrives. On Wednesdays, Sherri’s friend gives her a ride to work. Considering the expenses for bus fares and gas for her friend, Sherri’s transportation costs amount to $248 per month.

Sherri also has a horrific backstory. In 1999, her now ex-husband was sentenced to 10 years in prison. She recounted an incident when she was asleep, and her daughters were playing in the next room. She woke up to her husband attempting to strangle her, followed by a prolonged assault that lasted for hours. Eventually, one of the girls entered the room, prompting the father to stop. Sherri swiftly took her daughters out of the house and contacted the police. He received a 10-year prison sentence for his actions. After being released in 2009, he returned to prison last year and is now serving another 10-year term.

We extend our gratitude to Allstate for their contribution of a 2016 Ford Focus, which has greatly assisted Sherri in reclaiming her path in life.

sherri and her new car
sherri and her new car