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In 2015 Pam was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, otherwise known as MG. MG is the only treatable form of MS. Pam went to 4 different neurologists and was hospitalized twice as she struggled to accept her new reality. As an avid hiker and independent woman this diagnosis created many challenges for Pam.  Pam becomes physically weak in the afternoons to the point where she often has to hang on to railings or just sit down and rest, it could be something as simple as walking to tire Pam out. Pam also had to start reaching out into her community to ask for help, which was also something she wasn’t used to doing. Pam was able to borrow her daughters older BMW with a manual transmission to get to her doctor’s appointments but when Pam became too weak to drive a car with a manual transmission she was no longer able to go to all of her doctor’s appointments and often had to reschedule to a day one of her friends would be willing to take her.

Pam’s friends not only pulled together to make sure she got to the Doctor but they also nominated her to win a car from G&C  Auto Body and the Crozat Family Foundation.  With 16 letters of nomination from members of our community we were able to see Pam’s story thru the perspective of many which helped bring the whole picture together once we were able to meet with her.  With this new car Pam will be able to attend the doctor, help care for her elderly mother who also does not have a car and help with the transportation of her granddaughter as well. We would like to say thank you to the Farmers Insurance Company for donating this beautiful 2012 Honda Civic to the Crozat Family Foundation. Thank you Recycled Rides for all the help and thank you G&C Auto body for doing all of the necessary repairs.