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Charity for a Single Mom

Myriah Volk is single mom and a PE teacher in Sebastopol who started the Shoes 4 Kidz Foundation in Sonoma County. Myriah was inspired to open her foundation one day when she was working with her students on running the annual mile run. One of her students came up to her and tapped her on the shoulder, she bent down to his height and he whispered in her ear, “Can you please tape my shoe so I can run the mile?” he asked. Myriah taped his shoes back together and in that moment she had a revelation that inspired her to start the Shoes 4 Kidz Foundation in Sonoma County. Myriah’s previous car was run down after many shoe deliveries and the Crozat Family Foundation is honored to be able to provide a car that will continue to deliver shoes to children in need. If you are interested in donating active foot wear to Shoes 4 Kidz please stop by G&C Auto body in Santa Rosa at 251 Bellevue Avenue. We are the newest drop off location for the Shoes 4 Kidz Foundation!!!