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On Friday October 21st the Crozat Family Foundation teamed up with KZST for a very special car giveaway. A 2003 Infinity was donated by a special member of our community who fought and survived breast cancer. In return, the car has been given to another person battling cancer.

Originally from Brazil, Juliana de Oliver was a medical student back home. She came to America looking to create a new life for herself, but now her focus is surviving. With this car she will be able to attend much needed doctors’ appointments and treatment. 

We are honored to have had the donor present at the giveaway and to simply witness how two strangers can support one another in such an intimate way.  Thank you to everyone who has helped make this giveaway possible. Thank you G&C Auto Body, KZST and Keri Pajon for reaching out to support another member of our community.