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G and C Auto Body Proudly Helps a Vet!

Our most recent giveaway on KZST was to an Army veteran named Michael. Michael served in Afghanistan, where his vehicle hit and IED, sustaining major injuries.  He continued to serve for five months.  Upon returning to the United States he was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.  The injuries now cause him constant and severe pain 24 hours a day. Michael’s lack of transportation and injuries have been creating obstacle after obstacle for him, his wife and their three kids.

Michael’s wife has had to do school drop off and pick up for the kids, get Michael to his doctor’s appointments, and was only able to have a part-time job. Now with this car Michael can help drop off and pick up his children, his wife can get a full time job and Michael can make it to his doctor appointments.

This car has given this family the means to be self-sustainable and more specifically given Michael the ability to be independent despite the physical disabilities he acquired serving overseas. 

Thank you Michael for your service and sacrifice.  Thank you also to Dean and Alicia for donating this vehicle to the Foundation to be refurbished and change the lives of the Bryant family!