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Five years ago Jack was at work like any normal day when all of a sudden for unknown reasons Jack fell backward and hit his head on cement floor. He was found by his employer; Jack was having a seizure so his employer called an ambulance. On his way to the hospital Jack suffered another seizure and it was found that he had a brain bleed. Jack was then taken to another hospital because further testing showed Jack had a tumor in his frontal lobe. When Jack went into brain surgery the Doctors found there was no tumor but still removed a golf ball sized portion of his frontal lobe (your frontal lobe is where your personality, feelings, and general essence of who someone is lays).  Jack had to relearn basic cognitive skills and has been diagnosed with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Kathy, Jacks wife has had to not only provide financially for the both of them but also play Nurse to Jack for his outpatient care. Kathy’s strength and faith has been keeping them afloat. When Jack woke up from his surgery initially he did not remember loving his wife. Kathy has had to not only be the provider, nurse, and teach Jack needed but she also had to help he husband fall in love with her again.

Jack and Kathy have been borrowing neighbor’s cars for some time to make it to frequently needed Dr Appointments and ER runs. Jack is still suffering from complications from his brain surgery years ago. Kathy has to borrow a car to take Jack to the ER which happens apt 2 times a month for blood clots and there are his regular appointments that come out to be about 2-3 times a month and Kathy has to borrow a car to get to work at her full time job.