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Marcos was nominated by his CPS emergency case worker. Marcos’s dad took off before he was born and his mother abandoned his two young sister’s one 13 the other 15. Marcos dropped out of college to get a full time job and started supporting his sisters while they are still in high school. Marcos now pays all of the bills, provides food, clothing school supplies ect… for his sisters with his own earned income. The girls are now in Marco’s custody (appointed by Pomo tribe). Unfortunately this is not the only hardship Marcos has faced recently, 6 months ago his girlfriend died in a car accident. Marcos had a car until he got stuck in a mud slide where his broke down. Marcos’s car also had a driver’s side door that didn’t fit and he had to start his car by using a screw driver and because the car door was not the right size he couldn’t lock it so to make sure that the car wouldn’t get stolen Marcos has to take the computer/control panel out with him when he leaves. Marcos also has a lot of hanging and loose wires around the steering column.