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The Crozat Family Foundation wants to share with you our last KZST radio giveaway with Gene and the Rodriguez family.  Their photo is below, as well as a short link the radio’s General Manager Tom Skinner recorded, and the photo of the family receiving their car is attached.

The Rodriguez family had been nominated several times for a vehicle from the Crozat Family Foundation –their pile of letters is thicker than a staple!  We were finally able to grant their wish on Friday November 18th.  It was Gene’s last on-air giveaway and we shared stories of helping fellow men, loving each other, and taking care of yourself to have more time to enjoy with your family!  The Rodriguez Family took each wise word to heart, and now find someone each day they can help with a kind word, a ride, or whatever they can.  This car will now take them to much needed appointments for different health concerns, and to spread the love as Gene always wanted.