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Priscilla’s New Jetta

Priscilla is a single Mom to two with a very big community. Priscilla hasn’t owned a vehicle of her own in 10 years. She borrows cars from friends, and carpools when she can. Priscilla works full-time, two cities away from her home and her children need to get to school. One of her children has medical needs that take them to San Francisco at least once a quarter. Priscilla is in need of transportation to maintain her household and ensure her child can get needed medical care.

Thank you so much Farmers insurance for donating a 2012 VW Jetta. Thank you to G&C Auto Body for refurbishing it to “like-new” condition. Thank you G&C Auto Body for also sponsoring 6 months of full coverage insurance, along with gas and grocery cards for 6 months to help Priscilla adjust to the cost of vehicle ownership and operation.