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Thank You!

I wish I possessed the words to completely express our thanks and sincere gratitude to you and your family for your acts of kindness.  May it suffice to say that you have changed our lives, our conception of life, and in doing so, you have helped to recalibrate our sense of what is truly important.

I had once heard that one small act of kindness can change the world.  Before last week those words were no more than a strong belief and a mantra which we strived to teach our children.   Then came  September 3rd, 2013 on the wonderful day we met you and Govinda and for the first time in what seems like a very long time our prospects became brighter.  On that day we became recipients of your family’s acts of kindness and those acts have transformed our world from one of dark despair to one of hope, light and faith.

The greatest gift you and your family have bestowed upon us is the wonderful example you have made of your exciting life.  You are the embodiment of the commandment “love thy neighbor as you love thy self!”

Michelle and I would like you to know that this is the most cherished and humbling experience of our lives and the short lives of our children.  It is an experience which we will tell, re-tell, live, re-live and re-discover until this miracle is firmly cemented into the consciousness of the children.  It is our hope that they will take this lesson to heart and “pass it forward” as you requested, to their children, friends and neighbors so that the light of your gift will never fade from the collective memory of this family.

I know that you are a busy man so I will not assume to take up more of you time.  We wanted to say thank you and to let you know that in our faith we believe that there are Angel’s walking among us and although I am sure you would deny it, we truly believe we were in the company of one on September 3rd, 2013.

Thank you.


Forever your friends,


Brett and Michelle Harris Anderson