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If you, or someone you know, is in need of a car please fill out the form below and submit it to us. Also, please download the following application, complete it, and mail it to Crozat Family Foundation at 251 Bellevue Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95407. 

    Please understand that we cannot help everyone.  We sometimes receive over 100 letters per month.  We read all requests for assistance and do our best to choose those in the most need. 

    Please be sure to include a phone number at which we can reach you to ask for additional information. 

    We sincerely wish that we had the funds and means to help everyone!  Though we do not, we will try to direct you to local and federal services which may be able to offer assistance in lieu of, or in addition to, whatever help we give.

Thank you for your letter. We are sorry about your situation!

We will print, read, and forward your letter to the owners. We only contact those we can help; we are sorry to say that we receive MANY more requests than we can possibly help with. Feel free to write again at a later date or with updates.

In the meantime, if applicable, have you tried to receive other community services? 211 can help you locate any local or federal services that might be available to you and your family. 211 can be called directly from a cell phone or you can look for resources at

Best Wishes!!!


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